Free Vessel Evaluation

Smart owners stay aware of the value of their vessels! Use regular surveys to stay on top of any issues that could lead to the de-valuation of your vessel!!


When you’re thinking about selling your boat or yacht, you need a brokerage who knows how to accurately assess the current market conditions, and the value of your vessel in those conditions. The way it has been maintained and looked after will affect the value considerably, and we urge all of our clients to keep their vessels under cover as much as possible, whether it’s a canvas cover, a covered moorage, or a boathouse.

There is always a sharp contrast between boats that have been covered as opposed to uncovered. Get regular surveys, about once every two years when you haul out for bottom paint. This way, you will always know what condition your vessel is in, and be able to stay on top of any issues should they arise, thus maintaining the value of your vessel.