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Please browse through our listed vessels, to find the boat or yacht that suits your needs. If you do not see what you would like, give us a call or email us, and we will be happy to help you find the right vessel that works you.

First time buyers? Take into consideration things such as speed, desired number of guests onboard that can sleep over, fridge/freezer space etc. Do you need to be able to get somewhere in a hurry, or can you take it slow and leisurely? Or do you need a vessel that you would rather tie to the dock, and spend the night in the hotel or resort, and only be aboard for day trips?

Maybe you would like to be able to anchor out for a week or two, away from civilization! Do you need accommodations for more than just you and your partner?

Do you like to pilot the vessel from inside a comfy pilothouse, or rather from the flying bridge with the wind in your hair? All of these aspects are so important to consider. Rather wait to find the right vessel, than go through several to find what doesn’t work for you.

Whatever your needs, we can find you the right vessel, at the right price. Your satisfaction and happiness is our goal. We do offer seven lines of new vessels, with several models in each line. We can order as necessary, add features that you might be looking for, but just not finding in local offerings.

Come talk to your friendly, knowledgeable staff at W S Yacht Brokers today, to find the vessel of your dreams!


When you’re thinking about selling your boat or yacht, you need a brokerage who knows how to accurately assess the current market conditions, and the value of your vessel in those conditions. The way it has been maintained and looked after will affect the value considerably, and we urge all of our clients to keep their vessels under cover as much as possible, whether it’s a canvas cover, a covered moorage, or a boathouse.


At W S Yacht Brokers, all of our staff have had a lifelong passion for the water, and the vessels that bear us on that water. Whether it’s the ocean, rivers, or lakes, we’re happy! We are also extremely fortunate to be able to do something we love everyday of our lives, and meet wonderful people who share our passion as much as we do!

You don’t even need to be thinking about selling your vessel, or be looking for one! We’re just happy to meet people and talk about boats! So feel free to call or email us with any questions, thoughts, interesting conversation topics, and we’ll be happy to talk to you.